No matter what state the original shows up in — after editing — the end results are clear, compelling, and concise.

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Editing is about revision, doing everything that needs to be done to make something work to whatever ends you’re after, all in dialog with you along the way. An editor is someone that helps you write something while you maintain complete control of how it turns out.

When you have a thesis that’s in need of saving, you need an editor. When your business plan is in shambles, you need an editor. When you have an ad that’s not at all persuasive, you need an editor. When you have a bunch of scattered ideas that don’t quite add up to an article despite your deadline looming, you need an editor. When you speak English more in theory than practice, you need an editor.

No matter what state the original shows up in — after editing — the end results are clear, compelling, and concise.

For projects longer than 4k words, please contact me.

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Steven Rhyse has spent a great deal of time working in many colorful variations of Maker, Marketer, and Manager on a freelance and consulting basis, doing everything from editing to art on all manner of projects. His clients range from market leading companies and startups to small business owners and individuals. Designing, planning, and implementing new media solutions to business and marketing problems tend to be his primary roles, but he regularly makes use of his strong production and teaching background. Business, Entertainment, and Technology tend to be the industries he frequents most, often finding himself in the realms of Education and Health as well. He's also found great success as a private educator servicing all of the occupations and industries he just mentioned, among many others.

He enjoys learning, making, and teaching things. Though he works internationally, he's based in the Bay Area, trained and operating by the University of California, Berkeley. He's considered a leading authority on the topic of Rhetoric.
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