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Brilliant Writing and Editing

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About Me

Steven Rhyse is a writer, artist, and educator that spends a great deal of time capitalizing the word Rhetoric and walking his dog on campus. His clients range from marketing-leading companies to startups, small business owners, and individuals. Business, entertainment, and academia are where he hones most of his craft. Though he works internationally, he’s based in the Bay Area, operating out of his alma matter at the University of California, Berkeley.

He’s considered a leading authority on the topic of Rhetoric.



Enthusiastic Clientele

Most of my clients are referrals. I come highly recommended:


Candid Feedback

  • “College was a nightmare before you!!” — Jaime Lam
  • “Finally, relief! You saved my career.” — Judy D.
  • “I’m free of my dissertation because of you!” — Yan P.
  • “UCB x ESL = F. UCB x ESL + Steven = A” — Lui M.
  • “Your speech got me the job!” — Raj M.
  • “My daughter’s grade went up 20%!” — Vibha D.
  • “You’re my secret weapon.” — John J.
  • “This is amazing! I’m so happy!!” — Norman Truong
  • “The editing is excellent!” — Yiyi Chen
  • “You are a magician!!” — Maya Zebley
  • “I would like to say thank you for doing an amazing job.” — Endre Balogh
  • “This is perfect! It’s exactly the kind of improvements I was hoping for. I really appreciate your help! We have more essays to write and we’ll be coming back to you for more help!!!” — Vishrut M.
  • “I didn’t understand the material or what I was doing until I read the way you edited things. I’ll be coming back to you for the foreseeable future to help explain and improve my assignments!” Iam L.
  • “I’m so glad I picked you as an editor! I want to thank you so much for your help. I will recommend you to my friends!” — Norman T.
  • “After your editing, I saw a huge improvement! I really like the way things turned out Steven. This wouldn’t have worked without you.” — Ekaterina F.
  • “Thank you so much! You’ve really been a big help, it reads way better now, and you made everything easier for me to understand.” — Julie D.
  • “I can’t believe the difference your edits made! It’s like night and day.” — Nancy B.
  • “You went above and beyond my wildest expectations for this. Thank you so much!!” — Jared C.
  • “You leveled up my abysmal ad. I’m coming back to you for the rest!” — Chen Y.
  • “Holy crap, this is amazing! My presentation’s great now. I can’t wait to wow them with this!” — Francis I.
  • “You really saved my ass at the last minute!” — John J.
  • “I’ve worked with many editors, and you are by far the best, kindest, and most professional. You did everything well, on time, under budget, and had a remarkable turnaround. All of my expectations have been succeeded. Much love for what you do.” — Benjamin A.
  • “I have no idea how you made it work, but you really brought everything together and made it great!” — E. K.
  • “Thank you so much!! I’ll be sure to tell all my friends, and come back to you for help with my daughters in the future.” — Nancy T.
  • “You went above and beyond just editing. I learned more from you than my professors on the topics I was assigned.” — Chung P.
  • “That deal would have fallen through without your help on the presentation and contracts. I’m keeping you on speed dial.” — Bart J.
  • “I couldn’t have gotten through graduate school without you. I can’t thank you enough.” — Harold M.
  • “Your edits pretty much became our new marketing direction. I really did not expect to get so much out of our time together. I honestly thought you were just going to proofread what I sent you and fix the headlines, but you went on to hit a series of home runs that are winning the game for us. As a small team that’s new to all of this, we’ll always be indebted to you. You made me look good too since I can say I’m the one that found you!” — A. J.
  • “The response rate for our online and email ads increased by a factor of ten after we implemented your changes and suggestions. Your work is worth far more than what we paid you, which is the highest compliment I can give anyone as a business owner.” — Walter Q.
  • “I tell every one of my friends about you when they’re in a pinch.” — Yves A.
  • “We did the grunt work in the lab, but you made our study compelling and insightful. Without that, I don’t think we would have be granted additional funding. Expect to hear from me again!” — Anita J.
  • “I was screwed on my dissertation until you waved your magic fingers and made something of my incoherent nonsense. You were also more of a help to me on the admittedly challenging topic than any of my colleagues. I doubt I’d have my doctorate without you.” — Kim P.
  • “My work was crap and you made it awesome. You’re a magician.” — Jared R.
  • “I’ve worked with many editors, and you are by far the best I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. We’ve got a good thing going and I have no intention of ending it any time soon.” — P. T.
  • “Steven is a one-man editing army that stops at nothing until every word is golden and all readers are blown away.” — Nick A.
  • “I slept easy for the first time in years after enlisting your help. Your public speaking class was also life-changing. You’re a rhetorical master!” Jason R.
  • “No complaints, couldn’t be happier. You actually got me a promotion!” — Judy D.
  • “I’ve struggled all my life with writing, never able to make the words on the page live up to the words in my head. You freed them from my ramblings and unshackled them from my mind. You’re a miracle worker!” — Susan C.
  • “My only complaint is that I can’t have you with me at all times.” — Noland C.
  • “I’ve been in business for more than 20 years. I’ve worked with more editors than I can count. I’ve never been so impressed with the results and timeliness as I have with you.” — Bart Y.


Extended Testimonials and Success Stories

  • “It was a fantastic day yesterday. I knew my speech well and had confidence when performing it in front of the nation. I received great feedback on it. So, I just want to say a big thank you for your amazing work: Thank you Steven!” — Endre Balogh
  • “The editing is excellent! Steven provides high level professional copy editing with deeply helpful insight into the content itself. From an academic background, his sympathy to the academic situation is not only greatly appreciated, but also very helpful.” — Yiyi Chen
  • “I’m an international student at a leading American university. The course work is very demanding. English isn’t my strong suit. Writing for me is painful. Steven helped me get all the way through college despite that, both editing my work, as well as taking the time to explain the course work to me in ways far better than any of my distinguished professors could. I would not be graduating this spring without him. I’m so happy I came to him, I was having panic attacks before his help. I got more out of talking to him over the phone and through emails than I did in most of my classes. He always seems to have the right answer for everything, and always knows just what to say, even figuring out what I was trying to say when I myself probably wasn’t sure of it. I just wanted to not sound so foreign, but all of my assignments ended up being good enough to publish with his help. I was suddenly one of the top people in all of my classes. I’ve gotten better at writing too after seeing how he works and having him explain what he’s doing when he edits my papers, proposals, and presentations. I felt like I won the lottery after getting my first paper back from him after emailing him on Craigslist. It was all very unexpected. He was always there for me like my little guardian angel, and worth every penny. I’ll miss him! If I go to grad school he’ll be hearing from me again for another seven years.” — Jaime L.
  • “I hired Steven to help my son. With how well things turned out, figured why not use him myself for my professional work? He’s become the designated editor for our family and business ever since whenever we need help, and provided valuable professional consulting as well, which I did not anticipate when I emailed him to help with Raj. I never appreciated how versatile a discipline Rhetoric was until I met him, or had honestly heard of it. If you’re a professional, academic, or parent, Steven’s your go-to guy.” — Pavan S.
  • “Steven really brought our book together. We would not have been able to find a publisher without him. We are coming back to him for all our future work. Our only complaint is that he would not let us hire him full time. How’s that for a recommendation?” — John A.
  • “Steven is a very gifted editor that I’ve hired over a dozen times and intend to at least a dozen times more. I learn something valuable every time we work together. He has a wonderful sense of humor too.” — Jerry B.
  • “I was wary of working with someone online at first, and I had never hired an editor before working with Steven. I only found out what one was in desperation as deadlines were approaching too quickly for me to handle. I haven’t turned in a single assignment since without Steven’s help.” — Ryan R.
  • “Hiring Steven is like sending out a hitman to assassinate your biggest problems.” — Arnold A.
  • “I am ESL. So is my son. I hired Steven for help with my son’s assignments in HS. He got him into college and then helped after as well. We are very happy with the results. Steven has helped us with our very big disadvantage in America.” — Hiro N.
  • “Why learn to write when you can hire Steven? He’ll make your work greater than you could if you had spent years improving anyway. I believe many of us are too old to learn a new craft. We would all do well to simply hire a professional, of which Steven sits high among.” — Chen K.
  • “Steven’s a great man that does great work. 15 out of 10” — Aja U.
  • “My husband and I have a lot to do. English isn’t our first language, and writing isn’t our specialty. My daughter needed help with her high school essays. We really didn’t know who to turn to. Finding Steven has been a big help to us all. He worked with my daughter through the rest of her schooling, and we continued enlisting his aid as she went through college. We were sure to have him start with our younger daughter as soon as she needed it as well. All of it has been very convenient, professional, and done entirely remotely.
    It is frustrating sometimes because writing isn’t taught very well in schools, despite our children being graded harshly on it. Steven both tutored them in the process of writing, as well as edited their essays with them until they were great. His help guarantees success, and built skills in our daughters that they will use their entire lives. We recommend him without hesitation to all of our friends and family when they’re in need.” — V. D.
  • “As a lawyer, I’m not a bad writer, but it simply isn’t feasible for me to give each and every brief, contract, and presentation the attention it needs. I provide Steven with the raw materials of what needs to be said and the key ideas as I’d roughly like them to be stated, and he weaves it all into gold. He frees up my time to work with more clients face-to-face, and gives me wonderful things to say and submit. If I’d have thought of this earlier in my career, I’d have been relying on him since law school!” — Tim A.
  • “I’m a doctor that is also heavily involved in research, writing numerous papers and making monthly presentations in my field. The quality of my work in that area went through the roof after hiring Steven as an editor. He’s also given me unexpectedly good advice and analysis on the topics my work pertains to as well as the confidence that goes along with knowing my work is sound when I get in front of a large group to speak. I have no regrets or complaints in working with him. I have received ample praise from the results of our working relationship.” – Abdul J.
  • “I have a tendency to word things in just the right way to piss everyone off and strain relationships that matter. I’m considered quite young for my present high-level management position I was thrust into, so I hired Steven as an editor as well as educator to help with my rather glaring weaknesses for my present position. His work has been a balm on the open wound of my career, which is a line I admittedly took from a conversation him, but applies very aptly to the elegant way he’s helped me as an editor for correspondence, presentations, and reports.” — Vin. C.
  • “I’m a translator that works in comic adaptations. We had an editor on the team, but he fell ill and had to leave the project. Steven picked up where he left off and we all agree that he improved the quality of the final product by a wide margin. He’s worked in the industry for a while, so he was also a big help in offering advice to us as relative newbies that also saved us a lot of time, effort, and money down the line.” — Kazou K.
  • “My initial email exchange with Steven says it all. I’d like to think I’m a good negotiator. I asked him for a quote on how much something would cost, and I countered with asking him why I should pay him that when I can get someone from a local college to do it for $20. He said I was welcome to, but he’d be worried I’d get what I paid for. I did manage to get someone to do it for $20, and Steven was right. Things turned out horribly, she seemingly didn’t finish editing it, and there was a typo in the first line. She also took weeks to do it. I ended up going back to Steven, and he was done within 24 hours. The difference in quality was night and day. I respect what real editing is after working with him, and it was entirely worth the price and time saved.” — Ken B.
  • “I’m the cofounder and CEO of a small tech startup company. The beginning stages of an operation like this are crucial, as funding is scarce, and one of my top priorities is persuading people to trust us enough to keep us afloat while we build up a viable product and user base in a competitive space. I’m basically a glorified salesman until we turn a profit, and spend most of my time writing emails, making phone calls, and having meetings with potential investors. I frequently turn to Steven for help with all of those, as well as copy editing for our current marketing campaigns. His background in tech and business has been as big a boon to our company as his skill with rhetoric. He really gets what we’re trying to do, and what needs to be said and done to accomplish that, tending to the finest nuances most people like me may not be capable of seeing either because of lack of time or lack of experience. He also intuitively understands the subject matter like someone in the trenches alongside us. Every word counts when it’s intended to fund our future, and Steven’s work has made them all count. If my present venture doesn’t work out, I’d still go back to Steven for his help with the next one. He’s the only thing that’s consistently worked out for us so far.” — Eric A.
  • “At the risk of perpetuating the stereotype, I’m a wonderful programmer that’s horrible at interfacing in meat-space. I had worked with Steven to improve my public speaking skills, and in the interim, saw it cost-effective to have him edit my proposals, emails, presentations, and even a few personal letters when of strategic value. His editing work has been invaluable to me and my career. He works efficiently, has a high quality output, and contextually tailors everything to its destined audience with an eye to the future and potentially being taken out of context, which is a valuable insight he’s drilled into me and I am thankful to carry around in my list of mental scripts. You really can’t go wrong with Steven when it comes to anything related to Rhetoric, editing included.” — Raj A.

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