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What is Rhetoric? Part 5 — It’s Art

What is Rhetoric? Part 5 — It’s Art

Art is Rhetoric all the way down. Whether we’re in the role of making it, managing it, or marketing it, or on the other end of either criticizing or experiencing it, our artistic decisions, experiences, and discoveries are all drawn in Rhetorically red ink. Art is a Rhetorical dance no matter who’s leading us.Continue Reading


Our Rhetorical abilities are entirely determined by what we know and what we do. All of Rhetoric is learned. This site is about what to know, and what to do, to become a Good Rhetor. Whether you use that power for fame, fortune, or fulfillment, ideally, you'll do something good with it.

In Need?

I get booked up pretty quickly, but feel free to contact me if you have a pressing Rhetorical concern you need solving, be it in Writing, Editing, Public Speaking, Art, Design, or anything else Rhetorically inclined.


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